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Outdoor-based Training

We provide outdoor lawn-based training Programs on various themes customized to the specific needs of the organization. We custom-design these Programs using challenging, competitive and fun-filled, yet meaningful outdoor activities to provide a simulated experiential learning experience. There is a great emphasis on the debrief and discussion that follow outdoor activities. The debriefs are contextually relevant and thematically meaningful ensuring effective learning transfer. Our outdoor activities follow strict safety norms. All the outdoor experts come with extensive experience in providing outbound activities for corporate training. Outdoor coordinators are trained in First Aid, NBCO under Civil Defense and WFA by NOLS, USA. All the equipments used are UIAA standard certified.   


Some of our past Outdoor-based Training Program themes were –
•    Teamwork and Team Building
•    Building Synergetic Team
•    Knowing Self and Others
•    Creativity and Out-of-the-Box Thinking
•    Managing under Ambiguity
•    Leadership in Action
•    Decision Making and Problem Solving
•    Interpersonal Skills and Relationship Building
•    Managing Conflict and Managing Stakeholders