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Events & Initiatives

Par Excellence promotes and supports various events and initiatives for the benefit of the learning and human resources community, corporate executives, students, teachers and underprivileged children. Our focus is on events and initiatives that are truly unique and path breaking. All of these initiatives are not-for-profit created with a deep desire to contribute to the community and society.

Par Tech: Skill Builders to the Nation

Par-Tech is an initiative of Par Excellence in order to facilitate skill development of nation’s young and aspiring professionals, entrepreneurs, skilled/ semi-skilled workers, college graduates and school children. Par-Tech follows a multi-pronged approach in building the nation talent – training them directly, training the trainers/ teachers who train them and educating the institutions/ organizations who organize their training.


The purpose of Par-Tech is to act as a catalyst in developing skilled manpower for corporates across industries. This initiative is a strong impetus towards the training and teaching community that helps the nation overcome its need of skilling people.



  • To equip trainers/ teachers with the contemporary training/ teaching tools and techniques
  • To train technical and vocational trainers to make their training sessions impactful
  • To build the right skills and attitude among the young professional to help them succeed in their life and career
  • To build the life skills among young students and boys and girls that prepare them to face the challenges of the world with ease and comfort
  • To provide vocational training to unskilled/ semi-skilled youths for improving their employability


Training the Technical Trainers: Bringing Life in the Classroom

Faculty Development Program: Tech, Train, Transfer

For: Technical trainers

Workshop Duration: Six days

Content: Technical Training Development, Technical Training Delivery, 6Ds of Learning

For: Teachers/ Lecturers/ Professors

Workshop Duration: Three days

Content: Adult Learning, ID Principles and Practices, Delivery Pedagogy

Contemporary Training Methods: Leveraging Technology in Training

Unconventional Training Techniques: Using Movies, Drama, Storytelling

For: In-house trainers and teachers

Workshop Duration: Four days

Content: Simulation, e-Learning, Online Training

For: In-house trainers and teachers

Workshop Duration: Four days

Content: Movie Method, Theatre Aspects and Techniques, Art of Storytelling

Back to Learning: Rehabilitating the Nation Talent

Coaching the Vocational Trainers: Knowledge Transfer with Empathy

For: School/ college dropout students

Workshop Duration: Fifteen days

Content: Life Skills, Language Abilities, Basic Numerical Abilities

For: Vocational Trainers

Coaching Duration: Twelve sessions

Content: Developing Vocational Training, Vocational Training Toolkit, Personalizing Learning

Student Placement Program: Enhancing Personal Attractiveness

Student Placement Program: Enhancing Personal Attractiveness

For: Passing out Inter/ Graduate/ Diploma students

Workshop Duration: Six days

Content: Campus to Corporate Skills, Triumphing Interviews, Etiquette and Finesse

For: Passing out Inter/ Graduate/ Diploma students

Workshop Duration: Six days

Content: Campus to Corporate Skills, Triumphing Interviews, Etiquette and Finesse 


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Leadership Development for Schools (LDfS)

Leadership Development for Schools (LDfS) is an initiative of Par Excellence dedicated to the holistic development of children. An academic intervention in the school curriculum, the explicit purpose of this endeavor is to complement the existing curriculum in the school by developing skills and attitude that are contemporary and future focused. LDfS focuses on the overall development of children, going beyond the boundary of the defined curriculum.  It helps to equip the child with an ability to think in an integrated manner and to cultivate a healthy sense of independence and individuality through interdependence and communication.


We offer three modules as a part of LDfS –
•    Leadership Lessons from the World Literature (for students of standard V-XII)
•    MBTI for Self Development (for students of standard X-XII)
•    Teach Train Transfer (for teachers)

HR Café

HR Café is borne out of a deeply felt industry need – the creation of a common forum where HR professionals and people-practice champions can come together collaboratively. Here, the audience actively participates in deciphering concerns and evolving practical, ready-to-use solutions. The forum has resisted the temptation to bring in lectures, downloads, paper presentations and other conventional conclave practices. HR Café uses the Global Cafeteria format for driving discussions on the four Talent Management themes – acquisition, alignment, engagement and development. HR Café helps industry collectively explore Industry-specific talent management trends and challenges, understand best practices within and across the industries  and evolve an application framework.

The Leadership Review (TLR)

The Leadership Review (TLR) is a quarterly publication of Par Excellence focused on leadership insights across the globe. TLR is an attempt by Par Excellence to communicate the myriad flavors and infinite variations of the Leadership theme. Since we understand that Leadership is not a question to be answered but a paradigm to be explored, the review selects creative relevance over strict thematic considerations. This could be news items, startling facts or events, reviews of ancient texts/ books/ films. Though the lens focuses on South Asia, the scope extends across the human spectrum.This is an ongoing and evolving enterprise that explores the concept of leadership as can be applied most gainfully to create fulfilling lives. The Review is a beginning, a work in progress, an organically evolving being.



Issue 1 Vol. 1

Issue 1 Vol. 2

Issue 1 Vol. 3


Learning and Food Services (LaFS)

Learning and Food Services (LaFS), a CSR initiative of Par Excellence, has been incepted to empower children at risk with the most powerful tool ‘Knowledge’. We aim at providing education and nutrition to children at risk. The intention is to enrich them not only with knowledge, but also by providing nutrition. Our belief in Charity, Caring, Commitment, Resilience and Frugality provides the strength and vigor to drive this initiative.


To create a better and bigger world of hope for the less-fortunate children on the streets, through education and awareness of their rights, and bring the much needed change in their lives.


To reach out to children living on the streets with or without parental care, give them hope and help them grow through basic learning and education, both formal and informal. Furthermore, we would engage in providing nutrition to them. This small step, yet genuine initiative, aims to help them grow into strong individuals and find sustainable living in the process.