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Train the Trainer

The Train the Trainer (TTT) Program has been designed to build and hone the facilitation skills of both, the aspiring and seasoned trainers – former with the critical training skills and the basic tools and techniques of facilitation, and latter with the latest techniques for delivering powerful training. The Programs are knowledge-based, yet micro-skill focused thus emphasizing at the sub-textual as well as the meta-textual level by using a collection of applicable frameworks, tools and mechanisms. Our TTT offerings include Building Facilitation Skills, Use of Unconventional Training Methods, Building Learning Transfer Capabilities through System and Theme-based Training for Internal Trainers. Some of these Programs are also offered as certification courses.


Some of our skill-based Train the Trainer Programs are –
•    Facilitation Skills
•    Coaching and Mentoring Skills
•    Performance Management Skills
•    Sales Review Skills
•    People Management Skills
•    Supervisory Skills