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Integrated Intervention

The Integrated Interventions are multi-part comprehensive solutions that address several inter-related and inter-dependent issues through a unified approach. The interventions are spread over a few months to a year covering multiple components in a logical sequence, where each successive part builds over the previous one. The distinct feature of this intervention is that it seamlessly blends different themes and modules as one integrated whole to achieve the overarching objective. Depending on the requirement, the intervention may include training, assessment, advisory, coaching, follow-through, profiling, consulting, handholding, group-work, survey and mentoring.


Some of our Integrated Interventions are –
•    Building the Leadership Pipeline
•    Competency Internalization and Integration
•    High Potentials Development Program
•    Mastering Successful Transition to Managerial Roles
•    Organization Values and Vision Internalization
•    Building High Impact Leadership Teams

Integrated Leadership Development Program

Integrated Leadership Development Program (ILDP) is a unique offering which features a bouquet of modules, delivered in multiple parts over a period of six to twelve months. This intervention has been found to be the most effective in building the leadership pipeline and strengthening the leadership infrastructure of the organization. The training modules are identified after a thorough diagnostics and customized to the specific needs of the participants. Apart from the classroom training delivered in six parts of three days each, ILDP includes multi-rater feedback, psychometric assessments, individual coaching, projects and assignments to ensure a holistic learning transfer.

Mini MBA™

Par Excellence’s Mini MBA™ captures the essence of a General Management Program and has the added advantage of being customized to the specifications and pre-empted needs of the organization. Designed for middle to senior executives, the Program focuses not only on the fundamentals of business, but also, captures the essentials of a regular executive MBA program. Spread over six to nine months, the Program covers 12 to 15 courses from Business, Leadership and Management led by some of the best faculty from industry as well as academia. Quasi-academic in approach, the Program has built-in evaluation and assessment components. Customization diagnostics, individual assessment, 360-degree feedback, individual and group coaching, live project and personalized individual development plan are some of the distinguishing features of the Mini MBA™ Program.