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Unique Training

The Unique Training Programs aim at using unconventional training methods to drive learning and transformation. Use of theatre aspects and techniques, street plays, mainstream films, videos, world literature and mythologies drive deep and insightful learning experience. These methodologies are entertaining and visually powerful, thus accelerating learning transfer and retention. The Programs recreate familiar workplace situations through theatre or street plays, draw parallels using films or videos and communicate concepts through mythology and literature. These unique methodologies fit most of the learning themes and cut-across levels. To benefit the trainer community, some of these Programs are also offered as ‘train the trainer’.


Some of our unique training Programs are –
•    Leadership Lessons from the Tragedies of Shakespeare
•    Leadership through Storytelling
•    Theater-based Training for Trainer
•    The Movie Method
•    Art of Storytelling: Making Impactful Presentations
•    Business Communication and Presentation: Leveraging Theater Techniques
•    Leadership Derailment: Lessons from World History and Mythology

Theatre-based Training

Theatre is a powerful learning tool that creates enriching experience which stays with participants, moves them for change, drives ideas for acceptance and inspires them for action. Our theatre-based training Program uses various theatre aspects, techniques and forms to drive learning. Street plays, forum theatres and theatrical performances are commonly used forms in our theatre-based training programs. Once the workshop needs have been identified, our experts custom-design the Program leveraging various theatre techniques and forms. We design workshops based on theatre for enhancing skills and building competencies, creating live short plays to communicate messages throughout the organization, conducting live street play for CSR initiatives or creating filmed-play for internal circulation.


Some of the indicative areas for theatre-based training are –
•    Competency building
•    Leadership and team excellence
•    Skill building
•    Vision, Mission and Values cascading
•    Plant safety campaigns
•    Product campaigns
•    CSR initiatives

Film-based Training

Film is one of the best visually engaging mediums that combine entertainment and learning by telling a story in a way that captures and holds participants’ interest. We have integrated this medium as a formal component in our training Programs. The format has proven to be challenging, effective, efficient and fun as it simultaneously addresses different senses and cognitive channels. Depending on the requirement, we use a portion of the film or the entire film. We have a repertoire of more than 200 Indian and international films from across the globe that can be used in an array of training themes. A complement to the existing adult learning methods, films provide secondary experiences of reality.