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Speaker Series

The Speaker Series, generally of 90-minute duration, is designed to fit into the 'learning hour' of organizations as an interesting complement to offsite meetings and senior executive gatherings. The whole idea is to expand the awareness horizon of listeners through freewheeling discussion on relevant-yet-unique topics. It is guaranteed to inspire, enlighten, entertain and inform. The speakers are experienced thinkers, and leaders of vision, personal courage and wisdom. You will for sure be moved, challenged and inspired.


Organizations can either request for specific topics or can choose the topics from the indicative list below -

•    A Superficial History of the World in 90 Minutes
•    Authentic Leadership
•    Blue Ocean at the Bottom of the Pyramid: The Mother of All Strategies
•    'Greed is Good': Ethics at Cross Roads
•    How to be Furiously Well-Read in One Evening!
•    Leadership and Followership Lessons from the Panchatantra

     and Jataka Tales
•    Leadership Insights from the Greek Epic Odyssey
•    Leadership is Not for Everyone: Escaping the Mediocrity Trap
•    Mentoring and Coaching from Mythology
•    Modernity, Schizophrenia and the Bhagwad Gita
•    Mythology and the Movie: Predator/ Matrix
•    Oriental Intellectual Tradition
•    Ramayana and the Untutored Eye: Sex as the Liet Motif

•    'Satya': Exploring the Landscape of Personal Failure
•    Social Intelligence
•    Spiritual Intelligence: A Morphological Story of Gibberish,

      Garbage, Goat and God

•    The Concept of Sin: Hesitant World views
•    The Gita Beyond the Deathly Clichés: Karma, Dharma, Yoga, Nirvana
•    The Modern Mind: When Paradigms Shift
•    The Wonder that was India
•    Tipping Point Leadership for Corporate Executives
•    Transformational Leadership
•    Why Leaders Fail: The Self Destruction Archetype
•    Yogic Perspectives on Personal Excellence
•    'Yojimbo' -- Mefune, Krishna and Nishkama Karma
•    Zen and the Art of Personal Development