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Corporate Social Responsibility

For success to be sustainable, it should go beyond quality services and create a better world for tomorrow. Par Excellence always believed in extending its responsibilities beyond the conventional roles. Par Excellence’s CSR Initiative focuses on the growth and development of less-fortunate children by providing them education and nutrition. Keeping this in mind, Learning and Food Services (LaFS), a CSR initiative of Par Excellence was conceived in 2012. It is an initiative to serve by serving the needy and the underprivileged in India, from providing education to sheltering victims of all faiths. A beginning has been made but still there are miles to go before the huge disparity is bridged and a better future delivered to both the rural and urban children.


To create a better and bigger world of hope for the less-fortunate children on the streets, through education and awareness of their rights, and bring the much needed change in their lives.

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To reach out to children living on the streets with or without parental care, give them hope and help them grow through basic learning and education, both formal and informal. Furthermore, we would engage in providing nutrition to them. This small step, yet genuine initiative, aims to help them grow into strong individuals and find sustainable living in the process.